2019 AGM

2019 AGM Luncheon (Doris Tse)


On Mar 30, we were blessed with a perfect sunny and warm day for our 2019 reunion. About 50 alumni and spouses arrived in cheerful spirit. Thanks to our Treasurer, Beth Pao, who found this spacious venue with delicious quality food and beautiful waterfront view at a great price! The hard work of the dedicated Board Members (and spouses) was definitely noticed from the well organized and enjoyable program! Thanks to the generous Donors (Louisa Leung, outgoing and incoming Board Members) for the Raffle Prizes that brought extra joy to our lucky winners! 


This year is the time for Election of a New Board. With much reluctance, we were to release 4 dedicated Board Members (Anita, Bernice, Beth and Lan Yee) from the Board. On the other hand, they deserved a break after serving the Organization for 4-8 long years! We hope they would come back with renewed energy some day.


At a happy note, half of the Board was staying and was blessed with 4 enthusiastic incoming volunteers (Peter, Alex, Katherine and Teresa). The final Election result and the new slate of Board Members for 2019-2021 term was announced after the final count of ballots. Their offices were effective immediately. 

Keith Cho 曹浩全 '60

Peter Poon 潘天佑 '60

ALex Wong 黃紹舜 '69

Katherine Wong 陳惠明 '69

Doris Tse 謝少芳 '69

Chi Wo Chung 鍾志和 '73

Teresa Tam 譚美梅 '73

Shung Keung Lam 林宋強 '75


Much appreciation to our Honorary Photographer, Louis Cheng, for his excellent services to capture the memorable moments at various events all these years. The photos for this Luncheon can be viewed at this link.



QES students are often classified as the Brainy Bunch. It was not surprising to see that they enjoyed very much this year's Math games selected by Anita and me. The first game involved guessing the 4-character Chinese idioms for the 15 Math hints. The second game was to solve the two pictorial algebraic problems. Everyone enjoyed them, even the waiters in the Restaurant!





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